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NEO is a design studio and brand established by the Portuguese Germany based Product Designer Rodrigo Vairinhos, in Germany.


NEO’s core value is creativity, believing in the concept and creation of democratic daily use objects with a strong character and personality, satisfying the needs of  a contemporary user whose expectations and demands go beyond the „traditional“ parameters, longing for everlasting aesthetic, style and quality at all levels. 

We create durable and adaptable furniture, accessories and lighting solutions that are meant to continue to work over time or that can be modified as needed. Offering a sustainable product is our long-term commitment for the well being of people and the planet.


Contemporary but not under pressure chasing trends, taking longer design processes, investing time in research, contemplation, real life impact tests, and fine tuning even throughout the years.


Living in a world of speed and „Fast Design“, Vairinhos is an enthusiast of the „Slow Design“ movement, a more paced way of designing and questioning, a Design that’s done thoughtfully, with intent and care, timeless and made to last.


Our products are manufactured with local or regional non-toxic materials such as wood, ceramic and cork, and we make use of technologies that supports the local industries, workshops, and craftspeople, avoiding processes or substances that pollute or are toxic.


NEO maintains a constant commitment to research, innovation and internationalism. Our distinctive and unique design creations transmit positive “industrial culture” and development all over the world, taking into account a local and global culture, both as a source of inspiration and as an important consideration for the Design outcome.

Absorbing the synergies between all the elements in a system, celebrating diversity and regionalism, and cultivating meaningful relationships that add richness to life.


We live and breath creativity, that’s why we’re always experimenting new design fields, approaching different languages, targeting different cultures, backgrounds and different attitudes.


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