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Born in Lisbon, Portugal, Vairinhos studied Industrial Design at the Lusíada University in Lisbon.

His education was much diversified providing him the essential tools to approach most of the design fields such as graphic, web and product design.

Right after concluding his Master graduation in Design, Vairinhos moved to Germany collaborating short after with „Sanitec“ design studio, developing sanitary ware, bathroom accessories and furniture for the German brand „Keramag“. 


Vairinhos design philosophy aims at creating a concept of everyday products that unify functionality and aesthetics without lacking elegance and contemporary freshness:

- “I get my inspiration by observing people and their needs in our global and pluralistic culture being sure that everyone would love carrying home a little bit of what shapes the zeitgeist of the modern era, even if in a modest way”.

Vairinhos constantly creates juicy, unique and cutting-edge products featuring functionality, elegance and contemporary playfulness. 

He carefully chooses warm and organic materials and uses simple local production techniques since he is enthused with the idea of developing stylish products following the creation of uncomplicated shapes and the use of traditional materials that are well known by the end user.

The Designer highlights his work with the exceptional use of expression and playfulness linking it to a monotone-to-classic color pallet as most colors tend to  fade, coming and going as time goes by, and Vairinhos creations are meant to remain and resist any trend waves.


Vairinhos product “strategy” is the innovative quest for the poetical minimalism directing towards the acute and the naive, and of course by geometry, so metaphorical and evocative, emotional and poetic at the same time.

His products are highlighting design modesty and the tendency to a renewed use of the so called traditional materials, such as wood or ceramics and a growing interest by the impeccable traditional craftsman’s hand work and technique.

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