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wall sculpture



"Mindset" is a unique wall decoration object drawing inspiration from the graphic philosophy of the Bauhaus movement, this piece tells a story that is both timeless and captivating.

Each set includes two contrasting pieces - one in a striking shade of red and the other in a calming blue hue. Circular and sharp edges combine with geometric shapes to create a visually stunning and truly graphic composition.

Handmade using MDF backing and covered with mineral concrete, "Mindset" boasts a raw concrete texture and color that adds a touch of industrial chic to any interior space. The grey background provides a neutral canvas that perfectly complements the bold primary colours of blue and red.

Blue is associated with harmony, peace, relaxation, and calmness, while red is intense and full of energy.

The simple, symmetric shapes of "Mindset" make it an ideal addition to any modern interior design scheme.

* Please note that due to the handmade nature of this item, variations always occur within the finished product, making each piece truly unique. 

handmade 🖤 variations always occur within the finished product


material: mdf, mineral concrete

(mindset_blue) dimensions: 

left 100 x 4 x 50 cm / right: 80 x 4 x 50 cm total weight: +- 8 kg

available colours: blue

Estimated delivery in 5/6 weeks

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